Terpenes What You Need To Know

What you need to know about Terpenes


Terpenes have had quite a high profile lately with cannabis consumers. 


These naturally occurring substances that give cannabis its sparkle, distinct smell, and flavor profile are becoming increasingly popular. No longer are consumers simply searching for the highest THC percentage. Instead, they are now hunting different levels and combinations of terpenes that influence the cannabis experience. The evolution of cannabis has naturally led to this trend, and as growers, this is something that you need to make sure to be conscious of. Consumers are looking for more than THC and other cannabinoid production; they want to know more about terpenes.


Because of the increasing legalization across America, terpenes are gaining quite a high profile. When in fact, terpenes have been here for years.


So how do you ensure that your crop’s terpene profile is on point? Great question. The key is to choose the right genetics for the level of terpene production you’re looking for. 


There are also specialty fertilizer additives that are GREAT for enhancing the plant’s terpenes before harvest. 


Another factor is to consider terpene development into your harvest standard and procedures. 

For example, just like any crop, the cooler you keep the harvested flower, the more chance you have to slow down dehydration and, in this case, help ensure that the flower is as terpenes rich as possible. 


After chopping down the harvest, you add a few tricks to your curing process. 

1) Keep the buds cool as possible 

2) Take off the big fan leaves

3) Hang the buds upside down 


Doing this shocks the plants sending terpenes and cannabinoids to the buds for protection from the stress. 


Terpenes have a bright future in the world and cannabis, and we’ve got the fertilizer additives and grow products guaranteed to dial in your terpenes profiles. 


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