What to know about LED grow lights

Cannabis plants grown from seed to harvest under LED grow lights can produce great results. 

If you’re thinking of choosing LED lights for your indoor grow here are a few things to consider…

Think about the initial cost of setup and which LED light would be the best fit for your physical space.

It’s worth doing your research, when working with the most cutting-edge indoor cannabis grow lights it’s important to determine which LED style works best for you.

 3 main types of LEDs most often used. 

 1.) Spread Style

This light model spreads out smaller LEDs over a large area. Examples of this style include Quantum Boards and Rack LED grow lights.

2.) Traditional Panel

 This panel design is a mixture of features from both a Quantum Board and a COB Style light.The standard panel LEDs have small to medium wattage diodes and the lamps tend to be more compact. 

3.) COB Style

COB style LED grow lights are growing in popularity. These grow lights use chip-on-board technology. Which means many tiny LEDs are combined to form a single, extremely powerful, light source. 

LEDs may cost more to initially setup however they are a very efficient light source for your plants and prove to be cost effective in the long run.

Not sure which LED lighting system is best for your grow needs? We’re here to help.