There are numerous soil and medium options out there, and we’re here to help you find the right one for your grow operation. 

The first thing to note is that not every soil is suitable for growing cannabis, and not all cannabis requires the same type of soil. Choosing the ideal soil depends on the type of cannabis you’re growing and the climate.

Even though there are many variables to consider, there are some common traits among all cannabis soils. 

Let’s take a look at them, shall we:

  • Texture

Cannabis favors light and loose soil texture. A light texture encourages root development because of the looseness of the soil oxygen can reach the roots effectively for optimal growth and health.

  • Drainage ability

It is critical that grow soil grown has excellent drainage. The water shouldn’t pool up on top of the soil when watering your plants. If the soil has poor drainage, your plants will get sick, produce poor yields, or die.

  • Water retention

Another critical element for good soil is water retention. Good soil has an optimal balance of water retention and drainage.


  • pH value


pH is a chemical scale that indicates how acidic or alkaline something is. Cannabis prefers slightly acidic soil conditions. Good soil for growing has a pH of about 6.0. If the pH level shifts too far out of the 5.8–6.3 range, it could be detrimental to your harvest yield, possibly killing your plants which is obviously not the goal here.

  •  Nutrients

The nutrients in your soil are what help your plants grow. Today, almost all soils you can buy already feature them; however, they deplete after time, and you will still need to add nutrients after 3-4 weeks around the time your plants start to flower. 

Check out our soil and nutrient recommendations:


Roots Organic Potting Soil

Nectar for the Gods #8

Mother Earth Groundswell


Big Foot Mycorrhizae Concentrate

BackCountry Bloom

Bud Booster

On the fence about which soil and nutrients are suitable for your grow operation? We’re here to help. Let’s grow!