Every grower wants to produce a superior quality flower that yields high weight. However,
before you start, the decision has to be made whether to grow in soil or hydroponics.
As experts in the cultivation industry, we wanted to share some pros and cons to both to help
you understand the difference between growing in soil vs. hydroponics.


As with just about anything, there are pluses and minuses to growing in soil.
Soil is easier and more tolerant and is said to retain the natural flavors of the strains terpenes.
On the other hand, the natural environment of soil could bring some pests such as Fungal mites
and eggs, among other things. So it is wise to have a game plan to deal with this pest just in
case. The plant cycle is also longer when growing in soil, so you’ll have to wait for results.

* Natural environment
* More tolerant
* Better flavor
* Longer growing cycle
* Pests
* Smaller yield than hydroponics


Using hydroponics comes with its pros and cons as well. Growing with hydroponics can produce
30-50% faster-growing cycles compared to soil. Compared to using soil, hydroponics for grows
tends to have higher costs and more upfront time to set up. Cannabis grown in hydroponics
could have less “natural flavors” on the flip side; it is often more
aesthetically appealing.

* Quicker grow cycle
* Larger yields
* More aesthetically appealing buds
* Higher equipment costs
* Could have less natural flavor
* Suggested for more experienced growers
Understanding the different methods between growing with hydroponics and soil will assist you
in making the right decision for your cultivation needs.

Rest assured that either way, you go Guerilla Grow Hydroponics carries a wide variety of grow
supply products to help you set up your soil or hydroponics cultivation facility!