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For cultivating in non-recirculating systems using inert mediums

  • High yields
  • Full control over the growing and blooming processes
  • Easy to use
  • Directly absorbable
  • Nor residues in the end product
  • Environmentally friendly

The Substra fertilizers
In order to provide the maximum influence on plant development, CANNA has developed Canna Substra for inert growing mediums such as rockwool, rocks, perlite, etc. Canna Substra is specially developed to contain the optimum amount of specific nutrients for fast-growing plants in a “run-to-waste” (non-recirculating) system, thus providing a carbon balance with real impact for fast-growing plants.

Canna Substra ensures large yields, by precisely controlling the supply of nutrients during the growth and flowering stages of fast-growing plants. Medium such as rockwool and perlite are often used for this. In these environments, other CANNA products such as PK 13-14, CANNAZYM and RHIZOTONIC also provide additional support at different moments during the growing cycle. With a combination of these CANNA products, the plant can concentrate fully on growing and blooming.

In order to provide for the plant’s needs as efficiently as possible, CANNA has developed Canna Substra VEGA A and B for the growing phase and SUBSTRA FLORES A and B for the blooming phase. In addition, Canna Substra is available in two versions: Hard for tap water and Soft for purified (reverse osmosis or distilled) or tap water that is very low in minerals.

In the first phase of plant growth, the basis is laid for the subsequent blooming stage. Healthy and strong growth is characterized by vital growth shoots and luxuriant root development. SUBSTRA VEGA has been developed specially to meet the plant’s needs in this phase. SUBSTRA VEGA is designed to fit various inert mediums. Full absorption of nutrients and water penetration from the start of growth are guaranteed by SUBSTRA VEGA’s large quantities of direct-absorption nitrogen compounds and high-grade trace elements. Always use the A and B parts in equal amounts.

In the brief but exuberant blooming period of a plant, it is vital that nutrients are directly available and properly composed. SUBSTRA FLORES stimulates flowering and contains all the nutrition that a plant needs during the blooming phase. For instance, plants need a considerably smaller amount of nitrogen during the blooming phase. On the other hand, the amount of potassium and phosphate needed is larger. SUBSTRA FLORES is rich in these compounds and specially chelated trace elements that can be absorbed directly, guaranteeing a perfect bloom. Always use the A and B parts in equal amounts.

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