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At the beginning of the growth phase, the plant lays the foundation for its eventual yield. CANNA SUBSTRA VEGA A SW is specially developed to optimally meet the needs of the plant during this phase.


The characteristics of healthy, strong growth are vital side shoots and lush root development.
SUBSTRA Vega applies to all types of inert media.
A complete absorption of nutrients and water is guaranteed from the beginning of the crop because SUBSTRA Vega is rich in nitrogen compounds and directly absorbable trace elements.
A ready-to-use fertilizer solution is prepared by diluting concentrates A and B in equal amounts with tap water

Directions for use:

Shake well Substra Vega A and Substra Vega B before use

Dosage: 40 ml / 10 liters – 15 ml / US gallon (1/250)
Recommended pH: 5.2 – 6.2
The recommended EC for Substra Vega A + B is 0.8 to 1.5 mS / cm (part A plus part B and assuming that spring water at 0.0 EC)
Don water: 3-5 liters / m2 / day

Other directions:

Never mix concentrate A directly with concentrate B, as insoluble combinations will occur
Keep out of reach of children
Keep in a dark place
Keep away from extremes of hot and cold
Excessive fertilization has a negative effect on nutrient mix and plant quality

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