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The Secret Jardin INTENSE ORCA Tent Height Option 2.0 (INT600H) fits the 10×20 Secret Jardin INTENSE Orca model INT600. This height extension will increase the height of your tent by 1 foot.
– Create independent rooms for different plants and different stages.
– Get 30% more light and more protection with the Orca.
– Decrease your heating and electricity bills by three.
– Control each atmosphere and each lighting conditions accurately and independently.
– Protect your building from climate changes.
– Keep intact your building: No modification required.
– Divide risks of contamination and bad yields.
– Optimize your work load by spreading it all over the year.
– Setup an entire building in two days instead of two weeks.

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Weight 38.58 lbs
Dimensions 23.62 × 13.78 × 10.24 in


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