Mother Earth Coco 50 Liter 1.75 cu ft (67/Plt)


Mother Earth Coco 50 Liter 1.75 cu ft (67/Plt)

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Mother Earth? Coco substrate contains the highest-quality mix of coco pith and coco fiber. Mother Earth? Coco is pre-buffered and pH adjusted to neutral at 6.3?6.8. Mother Earth? Coco will promote strong root growth, populate microbial activity, discourage disease and insect outbreak and release nutrients evenly. For an optimal hydroponic media, combine Mother Earth? Coco with Mother Earth? Hydroton? or Perlite for increased production. This is uncharged inert media.

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Weight 29.25 lbs
Dimensions 23.622 × 15.748 × 5.709 in


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