LTL Master 16 Lighting Controller


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Safety is key in the grow room. With massive amounts of power being consumed everyday by indoor gardens it is important to have the best grow gear on your side. The LTL Master 16 Lighting Relay gives you safety and convenience in one. This 16 light grow room controller uses one feed wire to distribute power to 4 separate 30 amp control banks! Each bank can be turned on and off depending on your grow room’s needs! The 16 light controller comes equipped with (2) 120V trigger cables to time the device. This gives you the ability to run one 16 light room or even 2 separate 8 light rooms with independent time settings! The lighting relay also comes with 2 delay timers built in so you can fire each bank of lights at separate times ensuring that too much amperage is not drawn at once! Its sleek metal design makes this box easy to mount and durable during all of your grow room endeavors! Let LTL light the way 16 lights at a time!

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