LTL CO2 Digital CO2 PPM Controller, 5m remote sensor probe, 1-outlet


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The CO2 PPM Controller by LTL Controls is a simple and affordable way to control your CO2 injection device. Choose your desired CO2 level and the controller will maintain that specified value. A built-in photocell on the sensor will deactivate CO2 injection during the controller?s night mode. Use in conjunction with LTL Controls line of CO2 Generators!

Input Voltage: 120V AC
Output Relay Rating: 10A
Fuse Rating: 6A/250V~
AC Power Cord Length: 1.8m/6ft
CO2 Control Range: 400-2000 PPM
CO2 Deadband Range: 20-200 PPM
CO2 Accuracy: +/- 50 PPM
CO2 Sensor Type: NDIR (Nondispersive Infrared)

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