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Liquid Weight is a supplement blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that support the plant and beneficial microbial life in the root zone.

This leads to an increase in the absorption of essential nutrients that help develop impressive aromatic flowers and fruits.

Liquid Weight is a source of food for microbes derived from simple and complex carbohydrates.

Green Planet Liquid Weight Benefits

Liquid Weight is an expansive blend of carbohydrates that the plant and beneficial microbes utilize as a food source. Flowering plants tend to expend an enormous amount of energy to produce floral sites and fruiting bodies. By supplying a readily available food source of carbohydrates, the plant can focus its energy on flowering and essential oil production of taxing itself trying to produce food.

With Liquid Weight, carbohydrates are introduced via the root zone and benefit microbes that expand the root zone’s ability to absorb nutrients and other vital fluids. Beneficial microbes do this by bonding with the plants roots to break down larger elements into simple chemical components that are easier for the plant to uptake and absorb. This translates to increased yields in both mass and quality.

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