GroLine pH/EC/TDS Multiparameter Probe (Inline)


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GroLine HI1285-8 Features

  • Pre-Amplified pH Electrode
  • Amperometric EC/TDS Sensor
  • Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • Polypropylene Body
  • DIN Connector

Pre-Amplified pH Electrode

Electrical noise is common in grow operations due to the motors and pumps that are used. The pH electrode circuit uses a built-in amplifier that reduces the effects of electrical noise on the high impedance pH measurement. Ion movement between the inner gel electrolyte and the sample being measured is supported by a single reference junction design of the pH electrode which uses a cloth junction. One benefit of the cloth junction is that it can be removed from the probe, creating a new surface when readings drift or otherwise become erratic. This makes the probe ideal for use in fertilizer solutions.

Amperometric EC/TDS Sensor

A two-pin amperometric sensor is used to take EC/TDS readings. An alternating voltage is applied to the sensor and the amount of current that passes between the two stainless steel pins determines the amount of dissolved ionic solids present.

Built-In Temperature Sensor

pH and EC/TDS readings are relative to the temperature of the medium. The built-in temperature sensor of the HI1285-8 provides a speedy temperature reading which is then used to adjust the pH and EC/TDS results.

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