Emerald Harvest King Kola Gallon/3.8 Liter (4/Cs)


Emerald Harvest King Kola Gallon/3.8 Liter (4/Cs)

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Get the most benefit from every flower in your garden with Emerald Harvest? King Kola?. A powerful bloom booster designed to create bigger, denser blossoms, King Kola? provides the essential elements your crops need to burst forth in heavy buds and flowers. It?s high in phosphorus and potassium, so using King Kola? helps drive budding faster, easier and better than using base nutrients alone. King Kola? also contains yield-boosting nitrogen derived from hemp seed flour, a nutrient-rich, all-natural source of numerous essential elements and complex metabolic compounds. The inclusion of hemp seed flour in the King Kola? formulation is a first in the hydroponics industry. No other nutrient supplement on the market contains it.

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