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Dual Fuel is a 2 part formula that presents the nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) and a mixture of secondary micronutrients, plant requirements at its distinct stages of maturity.

Both bottles are utilized in a 1:1 ratio during the entire crop cycle, making it perfect for commercial producers with injector operations and beginner growers who need to bring more uniformity to their growth.

Less is more with this highly concentrated formula which reduces the number of nutrients required to complete a crop. Together Dual Fuel 1 & 2 result in rich green leaves in the vegetative stage accompanied by big and pretty blooms in the flowering phase. 

Dual Fuel 1 has higher levels of nitrogen (N) and calcium (Ca). Nitrogen is a vital component that helps primary plant capacities. It also supports vigorous, green foliage throughout the plant’s life. Calcium is a secondary nutrient that supports enzyme functioning and plant cell formation.

Dual Fuel 2 has higher levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Phosphorus plays a main job in necessary functions of the plant which includes photosynthesis, healthy root development, and nutrient distribution through the plant. Potassium helps in the conversion of phosphorus into energy that your plants can use and strengthens the cell walls to encourage more generous yields.

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