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With the Canna COGr Buffer Agent, you can soak and buffer Canna COGr boards in order to optimally prepare them for cultivation. The COGr board is a growing medium made from coconut grit, coconut fibre, and coconut granulates. They have a somewhat coarser structure and are suitable for experienced gardeners.

COGr boards come compressed and unbuffered. This makes them light and compact, which is why they are easy to transport. You must always soak them before use. That?s why Canna developed the COGr Buffer Agent. After buffering with the Canna COGr Buffer Agent, you get 21 to 25 litres of decompressed coco per board. For cultivation in pots, we recommend that you first buffer the board, and then put the substrate in the pot.

Please shake the Canna COGr Buffer Agent well before use. After doing so, you can add the Canna COGr Buffer Agent to the water-filled nutrient reservoir. Here, you should ensure a ratio of 1:500 (20ml of COGr Buffer Agent per 10 litres of water). These instructions apply to both hard and soft water. Then, wait 24 hours. After that, you can let the water run.

Please store Canna COGr Buffer Agent in a dark, frost-free place. One litre is enough for around 40 COGr boards.

For successful cultivation, we advise you to apply the COGr Vega fertiliser during the growth phase, and later apply COGr Flores, during the flowering phase.

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