BubbleFlow Bucket 12 Site DWC System


SuperCloset’s BubbleFlow Buckets Hydroponic Grow System 12 Site. Combining the technology of the bubble bucket, recirculating, up-welling, and deep water culture into one fully automated, hydroponic bucket yield machine grow system.

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SuperCloset Bubble Flow Buckets – Hydroponic Grow System – 12 Site

Combining the technology of Bubble Buckets, Recirculating, and Up-welling into one Fully Automated, SuperPonic Yield Machine.

Included Components

The Bubble Flow Bucket System now comes with a 35 gallon custom reservoir in black. This increases the reservoir capacity by 10 gallons from the original. This Custom Molded, UV Stable, Food Grade Heavy Duty Plastic Reservoir will provide years of sturdy and stable support for your grows.

Bubble Buckets
System includes twelve 10″ large diameter net pots along with twelve 6.5 gallon Up-Welling, Deep Water Culture, & recirculation Bubble Buckets that are basically creating the equivalent to a day of pampering at the spa for your garden. Every other bush, tree, and shrub on the planet will be green with envy at the treatment your plants receive every day. And your plants will be so grateful that they will kindly reward you.

Eco Series Air Pump
The included Eco Air series air pump has been upgraded to a VERY quiet oil-free linear air pump. This new air pump holds air pressure against resistance better than the original Eco Air 5 or 7. This pump does not run hot, thus will not affect water temperature and will increase the overall health of the plants by keeping water temps manageable. This strong, durable, and convenient pump is widely used to provide oxygen in hydroponic systems.

Eco Series Water Pump
The Eco Series pump is the heart and flow of our unique hydroponic systems. Its powerful, oil free high magnetic rotor, ceramic shaft, and bearing insures reliability and quiet operation. Plug it into its designated timer and you have your own personal robotic gardener making certain that your plants never go thirsty again.

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Weight 79 lbs
Dimensions 32.8 × 11.6 × 5.3 in