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Canna  Bio Terra Plus is not just another organic soil, it is the ultimate mix for the discerning grower. Composed of different grades of peat, bark, and coco coir, the use of perlite is no longer necessary to obtain oxygen-rich, well drained potting mix. This mix is essential in the control of root borne pathogens as well as ensuring a strong healthy plant, capable of revisiting both pests and pathogens. Canna selects on the best, 100% organic components for Bio Terra Plus. This means you can use it for both mineral and all natural growing, without the risk of unhealthy contaminants.

Bio Terra Plus is specially designed and formulated with Canna’s Terra Vega and Terra Flores, as well as BioCanna nutrients. Start by using Vega and switch to Flores when the first signs of flowering appear after changing the length of day. When Bio Terra Plus is used with these nutrients, both new and experienced growers will continue to achieve optimum results. Bio Terra Plus, pH balanced and adjusted, provides the optimum base for achieving professional results.

With Bio Terra Plus, the EC and pH value do not need to be measured, as you should when using a mineral medium. Organic medium and nutrients are not made of mineral salts but organically bound elements, which are not measurable. The medium has a natural pH, this will keep the soil in balance by itself.

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