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CANNA BIOTERRA PLUS is the ultimate pre-fertilised mix for the discerning grower, specially engineered for achieving the maximum results possible from fast growing, high production plants. With BIO TERRA PLUS, plants will respond with explosive, strong growth from the start, leading to a stronger plant. Composed of different high grades of peat, bark, and coco coir, the use of perlite is no longer necessary to obtain an oxygen-rich, well-drained potting mix. An oxygen-rich, well-drained potting mix is essential in the control of root borne pathogens as well as ensuring a strong healthy plant capable of resisting both pests and pathogens.

BIO TERA PLUS is specially designed and formulated for use with BIO CANNA’s BioVega and BioFlores or CANNA’s Terra Vega and Terra Flores nutrients. The timing for both is the same, change to Flores after the first signs of flowering appear after changing the length of day. When used with these nutrients, new and experienced growers alike will achieve the optimum results possible. BIO TERRA PLUS, pH balanced and adjusted, provides the optimum base for achieving professional results. BIO TERRA PLUS has both RHP certification ensuring quality and continuity as well as the Control Union (CU) Certification, which makes BIO TERRA PLUS the ultimate substrate for conventional and certified organic growing.

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