From the novice grower to the licensed producer, the goal is simple: raise the bud weight of every crop.

Today we are looking into Advanced Nutrients, a solid brand that consistently provides award-winning base nutrients for growers of all types.

The fact is, no matter what you’re growing: nutrients, fertilizers, and supplements are critical ingredients for producing a beast of a harvest.

Quite simply, customers come to Guerilla Grow Hydroponics for premier products and top-name equipment. We only have the best brands on the market, and that’s why we carry the Advanced Nutrients product line. All of their products are specifically designed for high-value plant growth.

Advanced Nutrients has spent thousands of hours developing various forms of technology that make your job as a grower EASIER.

For example, their pH Perfect Technology that automatically balances your pH for you — putting it in the “sweet spot” and holds it there for weeks.

And utilizing the best nutrients will only make your job easier!

Another thing to keep in mind when navigating various products and base nutrients is the type of environment you’re growing in. This determines which nutrients and supplements you need to use to accommodate the chemical and other properties for different mediums.

Don’t forget to supplement. Supplements are a great addition to your base nutrients to truly get the 100% best out of each strain and maximize your harvest’s potential.

Nutrients we recommend

  • Voodoo Juice for a stronger, more robust root system.

  • Big Bud — world-famous bloom booster — is used to bulk up your buds.

  • B-52 for extra vitamins with growth co-factors.

  • Overdrive a late-phase bud bulker to keep your plants growing.

You have everything you need with our wide variety of base nutrients and supplements.