Pest and Mildew Management Tips

As growers you understand the importance of keeping pests and mildew out of your grow. 

That is why we believe prevention is the best option than waiting until you have an existing infestation. Grows can easily get infected by workers coming from other infected gardens, or infected clones. Powdery mildew or aphids, can come from air intake and cracks in the building. 


There are steps that can be made to reduce the risk of cross contamination. 

1) Creating a special quarantine room for clones to sit for 2 weeks before being integrated into the main grow area. 

2) Using 10-40x magnifiers should be used on a daily basis to examine the clones to make sure they are not contaminated. 


These pests include mites of all kinds, some types of aphids, and also powdery mildew, which is not an insect, but it does fall under the “pest” category.


Here are some treatment options to combat these annoying intruders.

 1) Heat treatments 

 2) Horticultural oils

 3) Diatomaceous earth

 4) Micronized sulphur

 5) OMRI-listed sprays such as Green Clean.


It’s important to note that using pest treatments for flowering plants past the 2nd week of the 12/12 can damage your harvest.


Prevention is key! So if you’re looking to customize a preventative treatment to ensure your grow is pest free…you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk!

the harvest. So it is very important to take measures to prevent contamination.