Nutrients play an essential role in the growth of a cannabis plant, and we’d like to discuss the five critical nutrients to help you grow the best sustainable cannabis crop possible.  

  1. Nitrogen

One of the essential nutrients for the cannabis plant. 

Nitrogen is a very important nutrient that plays a significant role in photosynthesis. A plant needs a steady nitrogen source within the soil or grow medium to feed itself and grow.  

  1. Phosphorus

Phosphorus is used during all phases of development. It’s found in every living plant cell and is a stimulant to support critical biological responses, such as photosynthesis, metabolism, and nutrient uptake. 

  1. Potassium

Potassium, the 3rd macronutrient, next to Nitrogen and Phosphorus, is another key element within the plant. Potassium interacts with nitrogen and plays a part in proteins and amino acids. Potassium also works together with phosphorus to increase the strength and resistance of the root structure. This macronutrient aids in increasing the mass, density, and volume of the buds. 

  1. Calcium

Calcium is a principal secondary macronutrient that helps to improve the strength of plant tissue allowing for better immunity against disease, pests, and stress. It is needed throughout all phases of growth and serves multiple functions by strengthening the cell walls in all areas of the plant. 

  1. Magnesium 

Magnesium is one of the critical nutrients your plant needs in all stages of life. Predominantly present in the leaves, Magnesium impacts a plant’s ability to absorb light and transform it into energy. 

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are the top five critical macronutrients for growing cannabis. 

Nutrient Recommendations 

  1. pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom Part B 23L
  2. B-52 4L
  3. Zeus Juice Gallon (4/Cs)
  4. BushDoctor Kelp Me Kelp You Gal 

Deciding which nutrient brand and the medium combination can be overwhelming. That’s why the experts at Geurilla Grow Hydroponics are here to help you. Let’s grow!