A common misconception in the grow industry is that using a hydroponics system wastes essential nutrients because of the excessive “waste run-off”; however, this is not the case. Instead, using a drain-to-waste hydroponics system for growing indoor cannabis is a great way to deliver nutrients to your plants. Today, we will discuss the three key reasons you should use this hydroponics system for growing cannabis.

1. Less chance of Getting Root Root

Root Rot is a widespread issue that starts from pathogens that produce spores to spread their colonies and infect other plants. The disease typically begins in a weak plant and uses this plant to produce more spores. When using a recirculating system, these spores generated from this one root rotted plant then drain out and are collected into the Reservoir where the spores have a chance to mass-produce within the main water supply infecting all the plants in the harvest on the subsequent successive waterings. With “Drain to Waste,” this DOES NOT happen because the water leaving the plants go directly to a drain and not back to the “Main Reservoir” Therefore, no spores can infect a reservoir.

2. You are constantly feeding FRESH nutrient-rich solutions to your plants.

When you use a “Drain to Waste” reservoir, the nutrient-rich solution feeds the plants, and the “run-off” gets drained out of the bottom of the plants and ensures that plants get provided only FRESH non-recirculated nutrients every time. With “Drain to Waste,” the nutrient solution stays intact, and the plants receive the complete line of nutrients every time, which helps your crop grow healthier, stronger, and faster.

3.The ability to do Flushes and Drenches

Flushes are significant when using a coco-based or Rockwool-based medium. Flushes allow for the resetting of the medium and drawing out unwanted nutrients from within the plants themselves. They are critical for good healthy plant growth. With “Drain to Waste,” you can run a flush to get rid of the waste, so all salts, salts, and excess minerals are drained from the plants and flushed away, preventing nutrient lock-out.


Drenches are another critical feature of “Drain to Waste” systems. Drench systems load the Reservoir up with any given product and run it twice through the system. We recommend flushing out or changing the Reservoir, starting the nutrient regiment, and feeding as usual. Most products are made for drench applications.

We’ve given you the benefits of using a drain-to-waste hydroponics system. So let’s look at some suggested systems to use. 

Build Your Own Drain To Waste System:

FloraFlex Irrigation Components: 


Water Delivery Components: 



Pots & Caps 




Water Pumps:


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Complete Hydroponics Systems:

BubbleFlow Bucket 12 Site DWC System


SuperFlow 20 Site Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System


Supersonic XL 12 Site Hydroponic System


If you have any questions on drain-to-waste hydroponics systems, our knowledgeable staff is here to help!