Let’s talk about LED HLG and HPS lighting

With so many lighting options out there it can be hard to choose which lighting system is the best for your grow. 

 Let’s briefly look at the differences between the two. Indoor growers tend to like the modern LED grow light  emitted from an LED gives plants a better balance of red, blue, and green which is very similar to natural sunlight.  It also produces higher plant yields using less power, lower electricity costs and requiring less additional costs.

On the other hand HPS bulbs are most of the time less expensive options, once considering the cost of the fixture, additional HVAC costs, and ventilation. To determine which route is best for you. Let’s take a step back and look at the few basics of grow lights. When using grow lights, there are a few things to consider regarding quality: the color of light, the energy cost of light fixtures, and light intensity. 

HPS Lights

HPS lights, or high-pressure sodium lamps, fall under high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. HPS systems have been the industry standard for a long time, as they are more affordable, have high intensity, and produce significant red light.

Fun fact! Did you know HPS lights also provide a large amount of yellow light and are commonly used for street lighting and security lighting?

HPS lights have been an industry favorite for many years because this lighting system has been shown to boost harvest output and what grower doesn’t want that! 

Check out some of our favorite HPS lighting picks!

Gavita HPS

Phantom HPS

 Now lets look at LED Lights

 LED grow lights are another great option to use because this lighting system uses luminaires that create light for growing plants by efficiently utilizing energy.  LED fixtures use two semiconductor materials – one that’s charged positively and one that’s charged negatively. These two particles combine, and energy is released.  The amount of energy released determines the color of the light.  LEDs have increased in popularity due to their affordability.

Here are some of our favorite LED picks!

HLG 600B – 120 Volt

HLG 600R 120V

HLG 600B – 120 Volt

HLG Scorpion Diablo 120V

HLG 600B – 120 Volt

To compare LEDs have become very popular because of their efficiency and affordability factors, while HPS fixtures have stayed about the same in terms of efficiency and quality. Even though HPS lamps are still primarily used in many big growers they will likely be replaced in time by more affordable LED options in the future. 

Have any questions on which lighting system is right for you? Our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Let’s Grow!