Let’s explore environmental controllers!

Environmental controllers allow you to control multiple environmental factors within your grow space. Such as humidity, temperature, and Co2 levels. In this article, we’ll be going over the different types of grow room controllers and their purposes so you can spend more time growing!

Investing in a suitable environmental controller can ensure that you’re producing the optimal environmental conditions for your plants.

So what exactly is an environmental controller?

A grow room controller allows you to automate and monitor different aspects of the growing environment. These automated monitoring systems enable growers to eliminate environmental mistakes that could be detrimental to their plants. Plus the security of having the right monitors placed in your environment to control critical variables, including lighting, heating, CO2, nutrients, and moisture, all remotely gives growers peace of mind. 

Here are a few other benefits of environmental controllers include:

Data logging capabilities

Precise climate control

Energy savings

Reduced waste 

Then you have grow room controllers that are more of an all-in-one complete environmental controller solution for your grow space. So instead of relying on individual components to control your environment, all-in-one controllers can detect all aspects of your climate, such as temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, light, and more.

Here are a few recommendations for an all-in-one integrated environmental controllers

Trolmaster Hydro-X Bundle Builder

Hydro-X-Plus Controller (HCS-3)

Hydro-X-Plus Controller (HCS-2) 

Hydro-X Controller w/ 3-in-1 Sensor

Plus, they have a central unit that can be controlled from an app on your mobile device! 

Keep in mind in addition to environmental controllers, there are other types of equipment needed to build the optimal grow room environment. 

1) Lights

2) Irrigation systems

3) CO2 enrichment systems

4) Temperature and humidity controllers 

That’s why we’ve created our step-by-step grow room bundles to help guide you through the process and ensure you have the exact setup that fits your needs. Plus, we offer FREE shipping on selected grow tents and other grow equipment. BONUS! 

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