Chemical and Organic Fertilizers 

There are many types of fertilizers that can be used to feed your plants with micro and macro nutrients. 

We’re going to dive in to learn a little more about which fertilizer is best for your grow. 

 When it comes to nutrients and growing there are multiple options to choose from such as organic nutrients, chemical or synthetic nutrients, or a mix of both. All these options have their pros and cons. 

 Chemical fertilizer

Chemical or synthetic fertilizers are made with specifically calculated NPK ratios, micro and macronutrients for each stage. The nutrients in chemical fertilizers are easily absorbed by the plants making them grow fast and healthy. This becomes really important when nutrient deficiencies need to be fixed quickly. Using PH pens can help monitor this for ideal nutrient uptake. Chemical fertilizers are great for growers who want a big harvest full of big sticky buds. 

To avoid over fertilization growers should closely follow the instructions and stay on schedule when applying chemical fertilizers to avoid nutrient burn, which can cause a lot of damage to your precious harvest.  


 Bloom PH Perfect Sensi Coco

PH Up 

PH Down

Amplified Cal-aMag

GH Ripen

Organic fertilizer

 These fertilizers are naturally produced with mineral sources such as 


Manure or Guano  

Plant-derived compost 

 Organic fertilizers is a long standing favorite choice to grow strong and healthy plants

 There are also more intricate compounds to use such as beneficial fungus & bacteria, earthworm castings or vermicompost, a type of fertilizer packed with beneficial microorganisms and organic matter.  


Roots Organic Liquid 

Medi One – 1 Part Organic nutrients 

Beneficial Bacteria 

 Organic vs chemical fertilizers

 Both methods will produce optimal results if used the right way. Chemical fertilizers have the advantage of having the necessary elements ready for the plant to take. However growers need to be careful about nutrient excess stress or burn when applying chemical nutrients. 

 Organic options tend to be more environmental-friendly than their chemical fertilizers. Keep in mind organic compounds may take more time in the soil to transform into the elements. 

 For more information on which type of fertilizer is best to fit your grow needs. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Let’s grow!