Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics is passionate about gardening. Since our customers have the growing spirit, so should we. We’re big enough to develop relationships with the industry’s top names, yet small enough to meet the needs of every grower. 

A Revolutionary Approach

…ever since we opened for business in 2018. 

From the beginning, we saw that the gardening world needed more. More quality products. More know-how from the staff. More competitive prices. 

Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics started in Tulsa, Oklahoma after the founders realized that the city’s hydroponics and growing enthusiasts were looking for a gardening resource that operated more like a gardening partner. Instead of just carrying gardening products, we offered Tulsans a harder-working alternative who employed people with “green thumbs” like any true gardener should have. Then, to take Guerrilla Grow a step further, we made it our policy to strive for the best prices, too. 

Growing Season of Success

Today, America can rely on Guerilla Grow Hydroponics for premier products and top-name equipment. We built working relationships with some of the best names in the industry, so we can help any level of gardener get the best setup for their money. If shoppers have questions, send them along through this site and our team will assist you.

Just like in our single-store days, we aim to be there for every stage of the process. It starts before the first seeds get planted.

We Are on a Mission

Our mission is to continue being the true, full-service garden and hydroponics resource for folks all across America. Not necessarily the biggest in the country, mind you. Just the most committed to exceed gardeners’ expectations. We are dedicated to meeting the needs both commercial gardeners and committed hobbyists. 

Our Partner Companies

This is Max, Owner and CEO

“My team at Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics shares your passion for taking gardening to new heights. Every new growing season offers another chance to excel and apply what we’ve learned before. Guerrilla Grow approaches this business with the same belief, searching for new ways to serve gardeners better. We care about helping you grow the best gardens and hydroponics gardens you possibly can. We work within your budget and can help you find new options, stretching that dollar even further!”

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